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How Can I Deep Clean the SCOOPER Stand & Luxury?

Step 1: Empty the ball cabin and cat litter in the waste box;
Step 2: Dump out the cat litter in the waste box, take out the filter within the waste box and then wash (Note: filter should be exposed to the sun once every month and replaced every three months, but the filter cannot be washed. The function of the filter is to absorb the odour and reduce the spreading of odour);
Step 3: Take off the top cover (make sure to be gentle and plug out the ambient light cord underneath the lid); the lid cannot be washed directly with water but can only be cleaned with wet wipes;
Step 4:Take off the ball cabin, and wash it directly with water (Grasp the top of the ball cabin with one hand, and grasp the litter-leaking port of the ball cabin with the other hand, and then lift it up at the same time. Caution: Do not lose the support frame);
Step 5: Clean the litter box base with wet wipes; it cannot be washed directly with water.

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