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CATLINK Deodorize For BAYMAX Cat Litter Box

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Experience effective cat odour elimination with CATLINK Deodorizer For BAYMAX Cat Litter Box. Say goodbye to unpleasant cat pee and odour as our specialized formula in hydrogel efficiently tackles and eliminates unwanted scents. Discover a fresher and more pleasant environment for you and your feline companion. Buy now in CATLINK Au!

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Specially designed for the CATLINK BAYMAX Cat Litter Box, this CATLINK Deodorizer removes the nasty odour that is surrounding you and your cat space. 


Cat odours are strong and can potentially mean that the space is unclean, worry no more with CATLINK. Rest assured that this cat litter deodorizer helps remove 95% of ammonia smells, cleanses the air and removes formaldehyde that is harmful to you, your cat, and your family.


Completely devoid of toxins or harmful substances, it’s engineered with your pet’s health in mind. And with a continuous freshness of 60 days, your pet’s space is guaranteed to remain a haven of purity and comfort.




95% ammonia removal


99% sterilization


99% formaldehyde removal


Slow-releasing chlorine dioxide gas at low concentrations effectively removes odours, disinfects, and eliminates formaldehyde


Free from toxins or harmful substance


Validity of 60 Days of continuous freshness


Hydrogel formulation

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3.9 cm


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CATLINK Deodorize For BAYMAX Cat Litter Box

Original price was: $22.50.Current price is: $18.00.

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