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CATLINK Stairway For BAYMAX Cat Litter Box

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Enhance your CATLINK BAYMAX Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box with the CATLINK Stairway which is also a Litter Trapper! Designed for easy cat entry support, this essential cat litter box accessory keeps your home clean and your feline friend happy. Upgrade your litter box experience today. Buy now in CATLINK Au!

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CATLINK Stairways is an important cat accessory for BAYMAX Cat Litter Box as it provides support to elderly cats that have reduced mobility or joint issues when entering CATLINK BAYMAX Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. It also helps allows cats of all life stages and breeds to access the litter box without having to jump or strain themselves.


Some cats might be hesitant to use a litter box if they find it difficult to access but CATLINK stairway creates a gradual transition, which can reduce anxiety and encourage consistent litter box use. It also helps with litter containment as the holes can help trap and collect litter particles, preventing them from spreading around your living space, and keeping it clean and hygienic.




Easy Access for cats of all ages and sizes. From sprightly kittens to elderly cats and even munchkin breeds, CATLINK stairway provides a comfortable and accessible entry point.


Efficient Litter Managemen with carefully designed holes that trap litter from both the box and your cat’s paws. The collected litter is conveniently deposited into the stairs storage area, and the rear side exit allows for hassle-free disposal back into the litter box.


Secure and Stable Design with a dependable slip-resistant base.


Integrated Storage Solution with a hollow interior that offers discreet storage space for essential cat supplies such as litter box liners, cat litter, and other sundries.


Effortless Cleaning Process as the grid cover opens effortlessly, granting easy access to every corner. 


Crafted from water-friendly PP materials that are pet-friendly and durable for use.

Dimensions 54.3 × 40.2 × 10.6 cm


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CATLINK Stairway For BAYMAX Cat Litter Box

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $71.99.

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