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CATLINK brings forth the next generation of health and care. We care for our precious pets, and it is our duty as their guardians to provide whatever we can to offer them the best life possible. 

Many smart pet products in our generation offer simply convenience, but our dream is to push the limits to promote the most optimal care.

The True Story

Take Dumpling, for example. He lives a comfortable and happy everyday life with his owner, sharing their time to create a unique bond between each other. Making the most out of every day, what were to happen if Dumpling suddenly felt unwell? Without the ability to let his owner know how he feels, his condition will gradually worsen. By the time his owner starts seeing signs, it may be too late. By checking the 24/7 health reports that the CATLINK APP has gathered and monitored, his owner can open up the visible and easy-to-read graphs to look for statuses. Noting the abnormal conditions shown, Dumpling was taken to the vet and was diagnosed with Nephritis. Being lucky and told that if he was taken even just a few days later, the chances of Dumpling surviving were extremely low.

With this in mind, CATLINK is here to protect your cats and provide assistance in ensuring that they live their lives to their full potential. Taking in every single source of information to log into graphs, whether it’s eating, drinking, or litterbox needs, CATLINK takes them all into account to give you peace of mind. We understand that every cat is unique and special, so our team created a multi-cat recognition feature! Able to cater to every cat’s preferences, this makes it perfect for multi-cat households. No matter where you are, the app will always provide a consistent source of data right at your fingertips.

Bring your cat a whole generation of care today with CATLINK!

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